Great Sharing Symposium!


A group of teachers and teacher educators got together one Saturday in November at Erskineville Public School to share where they’re up to in their grammar and literacy projects. It was an inspiring day that showcased teachers’ expertise as they engaged with the new Australian Curriculum for English.

Teachers from Erskineville Public School, St Charles Primary School and Belmore Boys High School presented videos of how they’ve been introducing and developing knowledge of language in primary and middle years’ classrooms. This was followed by discussion of thorny issues and sharing ideas with a view to developing networks.

Other participants included teachers from Tasmania, researchers from the University of Wollongong (Bev Derewianka, Pauline Jones and Honglin Chen), the Australian Catholic University (Sally Humphrey, Jing Hao and Tina Sharpe) and the University of Western Sydney (Katina Zammit) and representatives from the NSW Department of Education and Australian Independent Schools.

Bev started off by challenging the traditional ‘parts of speech’ approach to grammar through contrasting it with the meaning based contextualised approach used in the teacher projects. This was followed by teachers presenting a range of carefully designed activities for different stages.


Bev’s powerpoint, Imogene’s grammar games for early learners and a paper describing Sally’s application of a 4×4 literacy toolkit for teachers are posted here.

Pauline and Sally

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3 Responses to Great Sharing Symposium!

  1. Honglin Chen says:

    A great day with enthusiastic teachers with passion for grammar. You can find more information about the implementation of the Australian English Curriculum in the June 2012 special edition of the Australian Journal of Language and Literacy.

  2. Kathy Orlando says:

    I am reading about your work and would love to talk with you or your co-researchers about it. I am from Maryland and am working on my PhD dissertation.

    • educationalsemiotics says:

      Hi Kathy, lovely to hear from you. It’s Sally here. Tell us more about your PhD dissertation. We would love to hear about your work and how you are using SFL – that would help us to respond more specifically to the issues you are facing. I am in fact in the US at the moment – working with Dr Ruth Harmon and her colleagues at the University of Georgia in Athens and attending the Activist Literacies conference. I had the wonderful opportunity of listening to and meeting Sonia Nieto today and look forward to meeting many other educational activists over the next few days. Stay tuned…

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