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Research profile information is now available for researchers and educators who attended the Educational Semiotics Symposium, in Aachen in 2015, and also provided information about the ‘what’ and how’ of their research.

Download a summary document of the following people:

Maggie Berg    Jennifer Blunden     María Estela Brisk   Urszula Clark
Honglin Chen   Meg Gebhard   Jesse Gleason    Ruth Harman
Quiping He   Sally Humphrey   Susan Jacobson   Britt Johansson
Pauline Jones   Kristine Kabel    Monika Kavalir    David Kellogg
Grethe Kjaer   Farida Larry   Cassi Liardet    Kristina Love
Erika Matruglio   Anne McCabe    Theun Meestringa    Winnie Østergaard
Anna-Vera Meidell Sigsgaard   Marianna Ryshina-Pankova   Mary Schleppegrell
Bart van der Leeuw    Mette Vedsgaard Christensen    Rachel Whittaker    Xiaodong Zhang